Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Welcome to the surveillance state

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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Welcome to the surveillance state
Wednesday 26th April, 6:30 PM Cosmopolitan Hotel Leeds

Did you know that at the end of 2016 you lost your right to online privacy?

In passing the Investigatory Powers Act (aka Snoopers Charter) the UK now has the most extreme surveillance regime of any western democracy.

Our communications can now be monitored and analysed, our location tracked, the apps we use and websites we visit stored for up to 12 months; regardless of suspicion.

Join us for an evening of talks and discussion where we will explore the current state of digital rights, why they matter and the dangers of mass surveillance to our democracy.

Come and learn about our campaigns and how you can get involved – let’s make 2017 the year we stand up for our digital rights!

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Len McCluskey Re-elected as General Secretary of Unite the Union

nintchdbpict000248968976Unite Press Release
For immediate use: Friday 21 April 2017
Unite announces general secretary election result
Len McCluskey has been re-elected general secretary of Unite, the union announced today (Friday 21 April).
Votes cast in the election were as follows:
Len McCluskey 59, 067
Gerard Coyne 53, 544
Ian Allinson 17, 143

Turnout in the election was 12.2 per cent.
Unite acting general secretary Gail Cartmail said: “I congratulate Len McCluskey on his victory and would urge the entire union to pull together in the interests of our members, and not least to work for a Labour victory in the General Election.

“The turnout in this important election can give no cause for satisfaction and, while the tone of the campaign will not have helped, the underlying reason remains the archaic and expensive balloting system imposed on trade unions by law. The sooner we can move to secure and secret workplace and online voting the better for union democracy.”

The result of the election will be formally declared on Friday 28 April, together with the results of the election for the Unite Executive Council, which has been held in parallel but which has yet to be counted.
For further information please contact Unite director of communications Pauline Doyle on 07976 832861 or Unite head of media and campaigns Alex Flynn on 020 3371 2066 or 07967 665869.
Twitter: @unitetheunion Facebook: unitetheunion1 Web:
Notes to editors
• Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union with over 1.4 million members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.

Alex Flynn
Head of media and campaigns
Unite the union
T: 020 3371 2066
M: 07967 665869

General Election Planning Meeting

4Emergency General Election Planning Meeting

Thursday 20th April  7.30pm
Wakefield Labour Club (The Red Shed) 18 Vicarage Street,  Wakefield WF1 1QX MAP

We originally planned for this meeting to focus on the effect of Tory cuts to the local budget, but we have had to change the agenda after Theresa May’s announcement today that she intends to hold a General Election on 8th June 2017.

We have very little time to get organised for what is the biggest challenge Momentum will face so far. We need to bring together as many Labour activists as possible to work hard over the next 7 weeks and campaign for a Labour victory.

Politics is more than a Westminster TV show to be consumed passively, it is something we must engage with week in, week out, in our own communities. The fight will be long and difficult but if you didn’t have a good reason to get involved in Labour campaigning before you have one now.

Will you help fight to put an end to this cruel Tory government?
In Solidarity,
Momentum Wakefield

Fair Society

This meeting is open to all who share the aims and values of Momentum. Even if you are not yet a Momentum/Labour member, feel free to come along and find out more.

To join Momentum, go to
To join The Labour Party, go to

Join Momentum, build our movement, organise for a Labour victory

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Wakefield Discussion Group –

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#GE2017 launch Momentum Leeds with Richard Burgon MP


General Election 2017 Join Momentum Leeds  #GE2017 launch – Get Involved! with Richard Burgon MP

Thursday 20th April 19:30–23:00 The Spinning Wheel, Admiral Street, Ls11 5ng

We will be joined by Richard Burgon MP, Leeds East and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, to kick start our activity and support in our CLPs and across the district ahead of the 8th June general election.

Momentum will play a key role in ensuring every party member knows how to get in touch and where to go to campaign in the best chance we have had to turn this country around in generations.

We welcome Labour Party members new and old to meet members from their own CLPs and from across the city, to build and strengthen links and find out how and where they can get involved in campaigning for Labour wins in the general election on Thursday 8th June.

There will be buffet food available on a pay as you feel basis, with a suggested solidarity donation of £5. We will also be collecting to fund our activities surrounding supporting the general election campaign.
Richard Burgon

Sanctions campaign discussion paper

ImageGenThe harsh benefit sanctions introduced by the Coalition Government are still with us. Their harmful effects have been catalogued and publicised.

More recently, public concern has been raised following the release of Ken Loach’s film, I, Daniel Blake, a stark portrayal of what it is like to live on benefits and to be sanctioned.

Even a disproportionately high death toll among those who have been sanctioned leaves the current government unmoved. Despite campaigning by political parties, trade unions, churches and others, there has been no movement on the essential features of the policy.

In an extended discussion paper, Unite Community member, Gerry Lavery, considers how we might take the campaign forward. The paper, drawing on the work of Italian communist and political theorist, Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), argues for an appreciation of the wider context and a more strategic approach to campaigning by adapting some of Gramsci’s key insights.

As well as being invited to read the discussion paper, readers are also encouraged to contribute to the discussion via the comments section below. It is also hoped the issue of sanctions will continue to be raised within local branches of political parties, trade unions and pressure groups.

The discussion paper, ‘Social security, ‘shirkers’ and sanctions: unsettling the ‘common sense’, is available to read here.

Unite Community Leeds & Wakefield support Aire Valley Against Incineration (AVAI)


Unite Community Leeds & Wakefield support Aire Valley Against Incineration (AVAI) and the important campaigning you are doing to inform people of the facts, and dangers to health, and your future Legal Action to stop this Incinerator going ahead.
Particulates from incineration released into the air as pollutants, are linked to harmful impacts on Human health, including cancers, heart disease, lung disease and birth defects.

All airborne particulates rain down continuously onto all surfaces, including surface groundwater. Soluble chemicals dissolve in water and can percolate through the ground into subterranean water. Chemicals are held in suspension, which can pollute the water and enter the water system.
All raindrops form around a particle, pollutants in the atmosphere are particles, an example of this is the Acid Rain that has affected Scandinavia.
Air pollution is a major contributor to ill health in the UK. Shamefully, Leeds has one of the worst air quality thresholds and has repeatedly breached these thresholds, nationally.
WHO has warned that Air pollution in UK is ‘wreaking havoc on human health’.
Keep up your excellent work and we will be right behind any Legal Action you launch to stop this incinerator.