Unite Community National Day of Action Against Sanctions and Benefit Cuts

17200994_1576991688995197_7672316802100553292_n.jpgUnite Community National Day of Action Against Sanctions and Benefit Cuts
30th March Thursday Briggate 12.00 – 2.00pm Facebook
Evening Screening “I, Daniel Blake” 7pm Wharf Chambers

Every year hundreds of thousands of people have their benefits stopped or reduced, mostly for trivial reasons and for circumstances outside their control. At the same time, sick and disabled people are subjected to the nerve-racking Work Capability Assessment and frequently refused ESA and forced back onto JSA to seek work they are not well enough to do, under threat of sanctions.

The UK has one of the meanest benefit systems in the affluent world, yet we are continually told that too much is being spent on benefits and that cutting them is “fairer” – even, that it is doing claimant a favour! We have just seen major cuts to in-work benefits for the low waged (working tax credits), whilst those who cannot work due to childcare responsibilities, or to disability or sickness, are disproportionately affected by the bedroom tax and benefit cap which are set to intensify the crisis of homelessness. ESA (WRAG) claimants have also seen their benefits slashed – just one of a slew of attacks on people with chronic illness or disability.

We need to demand a reversal of all these cuts, and more than this, we need a benefits system which guarantees a decent standard of living for all; which guarantees that no-one need live in fear of losing the roof over their head or being forced to put their health at risk through cold or malnutrition. We need a system which doesn’t force people into low paid, insecure or pointless work, dragging down pay and conditions and undermining bargaining power for everyone. And we need full recognition and remuneration for the unpaid work done in the home and in the community – especially at a time when unpaid carers of all kinds are being told to take up the slack from cutbacks to public services.

Please join us with your group or organisation, with your neighbours, workmates and friends, banners, flags and placards – in Briggate 12 – 2pm for stalls, leafleting, conversations etc.

Then at 7pm Unite Community in collaboration with Leeds Plan C will be screening “I, Daniel Blake” at Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf St, Leeds LS2 7EQ. Entry free, donations encouraged! See FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/1812331472367747/

NB “Wharf Chambers is a members’ club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit wharfchambers.org. Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.”

Wharf Chambers has a safer spaces policy, please check it out at http://www.wharfchambers.org/the-club/safer-spaces/


“Where Will We All Live?” Housing and Benefits Campaign Summit


Housing Summit

Free but book tickets  at Facebook

Saturday  25th March 10.30am to 3.30pm, at Oxford Chambers
Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AU – between the Courts and the Town Hall in Leeds.


Last year’s Housing and Planning Bill was a huge attack on social housing and tenants, and the current Housing White Paper makes clear that the government’s ultimate goal is to eliminate all genuine social rents. With no controls on private rents, most private tenancies remaining on short-term contracts, and home-ownership remaining unaffordable, there is a huge housing crisis brewing.

On Saturday we’ll explore these issues in detail, inviting people personally affected or working in a housing-related role to speak. There’ll be time for questions, discussion and informal chat over tea/coffee, and in the afternoon a session devoted to action-planning. We hope this will be more than just tossing ideas around, and that people will make a start on organising things, be it lobbying, media work, supporting tenants and claimants or doing high-profile actions of some kind.

Please share the Facebook event and join up if possible https://www.facebook.com/events/330947760640076/
The link to the flyer is https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoXg_zk3fZjJkStQxKtslI-SPdCB

People are welcome to bring children, though we don’t have the resources to provide a creche. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Tea and coffee provided, but bring your own food or buy from nearby shops.

If you can help us to publicise the meeting or would like us to come out and speak to your group, please get in touch with us at handsoffourhomes@gmail.com, or on 07930966205.

Hands Off Our Homes
Telephone: 07504017322
Facebook: www.facebook.com/handsoffourhomes
Twitter: www.twitter.com/handsoffhome
Website: www.handsoffourhomes.org.uk

HOoH 2

The Tories aren’t persecuting the poor out of spite, it’s even worse than that


An extraordinary report by the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) has laid bare the real reason why the Conservative government is crippling the poor and the vulnerable. According to the report, the government’s welfare reforms are being forced through without any evidence or assessment of the impact on those affected………

Please follow the link below to read the entire article in the Canary

The Tories aren’t persecuting the poor out of spite, it’s even worse than that

August 17th, 2016 Carlyn Harvey UK

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Free Movement- Workers Rights- The Europe We Want To See

The Tetley Map

Hunslet Road, LS10 1JQ Leeds


Speakers: Waltraud Fritz is a member of the European Left Party Executive Board. She is a political activist from Austria with a strong record of international solidarity and action.
Heinz Bierbaum is a member of Die Linke, the German left party. He is an active trade unionist and an elected member of the Saarland regional parliament where he is Die Linke’s economic policy spokesperson.
The Triggering of Article 50 will question the status of EU workers in the UK and abroad. The Tory Government is determined to have a ‘Hard Brexit’ and has rejected any amendments offering social protection or guaranteeing the rights of EU workers and residents in the UK. This will pose questions in workplaces and communitie…s. We hope that Trade Unions and community groups will be part of the solution. We face deregulation of environmental protection and trade deals with the USA that will endanger the NHS.
Come to this event and meet with representatives of the European Left Party (ELP). 

The ELP is made up of over forty organisations in countries across Europe and is keen to defend Free Movement and Workers Rights.
The European Parliamentary group the GUE/NGL (The Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left) has 52 MEP’s in the European Parliament.
We hope to generate discussion and debate the week after Article 50 is due to be triggered. How do we defend EU migrants? Free Movement? Workers’ Rights?
Supported by Left Unity, The Alliance for Green Socialism

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What Has The Human Rights Act Ever Done For Us?

What Has The Human Rights Act Ever Done For Us?

Tuesday 21st March  19:00 – 21:00 Riley Smith Theatre Leeds University Union ,University Square Leeds, LS2 9JZ View Map

Organised by

LUU Amnesty International Society

The University of Leeds Amnesty International Society, campaigning throughout the year on human rights issues locally and across the globe.

Free but please register if you can Book Ticket



The 1998 Human Rights Act enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law. But with Theresa May promising a ‘hard Brexit’ and David Cameron having included the repeal of the UK’s Human Rights Act in the 2015 Conservative manifesto, surely it is time for a frank discussion about the role of the act in Britain.

This debate will examine whether our current human rights legislation is still relevant to modern Britain and what the motivations are for repealing it. It will not be a party politics discussion but an attempt to ask: just what does the Human Rights Act really do for us?

During the two-hour debate the panellists each take it in turn to voice their opinions and can then respond to comments made by the other participants. Finally it will be opened up to a Q&A session.

Panellists planned to include:

Stephen Bowen (director at the British Institute of Human Rights) Se-Shauna Wheatle (Durham Law School) Ryan Stephenson (Conservative Councillor) Lewis Worrow (author and political commentator)