Welfare Rights Training

Welfare Rights Training Leeds Regional Office 12th and 13th of February10 AM To 3.30 PM (Both Days)

Travel Costs covered (Lunch Provided Please State if you have and special dietary requirements)
55 Call Lane Leeds LS1 7BWThursday the 12th Of February

Overview of benefits:

This course will examine the board structure of the benefits system.  By the end of the course trainees will:
  • Be able to recognise when a client needs a full benefit check
  • Be able to identify possible benefits for different clients
  • Know which agency deals with different benefits
  • Know which groups of people who are treated differently for benefits and where special rules apply and where to refer clients for specialist help

Friday the 13th Of February

Benefit sanctions:

Given the increasing numbers of people having their benefits sanctioned this course will examine how advisers can support their clients. By the end of the course trainees will:
  • Be able to identify if a sanction can be prevented
  • Understand the different levels of sanctions and the length of a sanction
  • Be able to support clients to challenge sanctions
  • Be able to support your client during a sanction period
 Welfare Rights Training Barnsley Unite Community Centre
10.30 AM TO 12.30 PM
2 Huddersfield Road Barnsley S70 2LSTuesday the 17th of February

Universal Credit

  • Understanding the Changes
  • Preparing for the Change over
  • How to calculate income
 Please Book your Place for one or more days by emailing Claire.mawson@unitetheunion.orgSpaces are very limited so please plan carefully before committing to one or more days.


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