Unite Community to Launch Farsley Centre

Farsley Invite

Over the past 4 years of Tory austerity we have witnessed relentless attacks on our communities, and have seen services that are relied upon by the most vulnerable members of our community slashed to the bone.

The Tory government, propped up by the Lib Dems, is determined to punish the poorest and most vulnerable in our society for the crisis caused by their banker friends.

The cruel bedroom tax punishes people for the sheer temerity of having a spare bedroom, forcing disabled people from their homes and splitting families apart.

Real jobs are being replaced by workfare schemes, designed to exploit the unemployed while lining the pockets of unscrupulous employers like Tesco, McDonalds and even Wetherspoons!

All this is with the looming threat of being sanctioned and losing the meagre social security that remains. Over 2 million sanctions have been imposed in the last 2 years alone, some lasting for 3 years.

Unite Community says enough is enough!

It’s time to fight back!

That’s why we are launching our brand new Community Support Centre in Farsley.

Our volunteers in the centre will be on hand to offer confidential advice on how to get the benefits you are entitled to, fight the bedroom tax and benefits sanctions, and help with debt.

We’re also working with the local Foodbank and will be able to provide vouchers for those that need to use them. The centre will also be a drop-off point for donations to the food bank.

As well as practical support, the new centre will be at the centre of the fightback against austerity cuts that are destroying our communities and for a decent welfare state for everyone.

The official launch of the centre will be on Wednesday 11th February, 4:30pm-6:00pm at the Farsley Community Support Centre, 90-92 Old Road, Farsley, LS28 5BN.

The centre will then be open every Wednesday and Thursday between 10am and 3pm from 18th February.

Come along, see what the centre has to offer and get involved!




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