National Day of Action Against Sanctions on 19th March

This is in important email from Joe Rollin, Unite Community Coordinator for our region. We would ask you to read it carefully and begin to think about the points Joe raises in preparation for the next branch meeting on Friday 6th February at 1 pm in the Call Lane Regional Office. 

Hi All,

As you will be already aware, we are planning a National Day of Action Against Sanctions on 19th March. We are hoping to achieve 100 actions across the country.

It’s up to the groups and branches in each town and city where and at what time they will protest. In terms of where, job centres and town-centre locations at lunch time are the most popular so far.

The idea is for you to decide on your plans then forward me the necessary information. This will then be included on our national website and materials specific to your protest will be produced and posted out to you. I have attached some of the materials for you to look at listed below.

1. Poster:  Sanctions poster
2. Stickers: Sanctions stickers
3. Flyer (your details will be added once I have them then printed and posted out to you): Sanctions leaflets

4. Letter to the PCS (if you plan to protest outside the Job Centre): To PCS Members in xxxxx DWP office

Here is a list of links that you will find useful.

National Anti Sanctions Demo Webpage (This will become a great tool once you have decided where to protest. I will upload the information, which means that people all over the country will be able to check where their nearest protest is).

Regional Defend The Welfare State Page  (More information and resources can be found here).

National Anti Sanctions Facebook Page (already over 1000 people on here but we need more share and invite your friends).

And there are the Unite Community centre blogs in Barnsley and Durham as well as this blog for Leeds. (We have already started to upload blogs from our Coalition Meetings and past actions).

Onwards and Upwards! Please get me the necessary information ASAP. See you on the streets March 19th!!

In solidarity,



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