Orgreave Poem

This poem was written by a Unite Community member’s daughter, who is only 12! It’s a fantastic poem about the Battle of Orgreave during the Miner’s Strike 30 years ago. 

The Battle of Orgreave

It was the 29th of May 1984,
I scoff down my breakfast and run out the door.
I head to the plant as fast as I can.
But everything’s not going according to plan.
Who will lose and who will win?
This is where the battle begins
The police arrive, as Thatcher told them.
Marched us to a field, over 6000 men.
We’re held in the field and we look around,
We stand, we sit, we lie on the ground.
People are talking about the job losses,
We’re waiting to hear from our Union bosses.
The atmosphere changes,
The police run this way.
We defend ourselves,
We can’t get away.
They attack us miners
And a handful of wives.
What’s going on?
We fear for our lives!
A woman called Lesley, her hand raised in fright,
A mounted police man preparing to strike.
He sees he’s caught a photographer’s eye,
The camera clicks and he rides right by.
Tommy gets hit
There’s blood on his face.
There’s chaos around me,
All over the place.
With no collar numbers
They strike people down.
Tommy’s still bleeding,
He falls to the ground.
So many of us
Were injured that day.
Yes Margaret Thatcher
Had gotten her way.
30 years on,
We try to find peace.
But still no charges
Against the Police!
We March through the streets,
With our banners held high.
To the IPCC,
Thousands of people lost their jobs.
I never worked again.
The things that I saw that day,
Have messed with my brain.
Tommy has died,
And so many others.
But still we campaign,
For the sake of my brothers.
There’s a film about it,
And a couple of songs.
I hope people watch them,
And learn what went wrong.
“The Enemy Within”,
Is the name that she gave,
But the ex prime minister
Now rots in her grave.
The moral is,
And I hope you believe,
That striking together,
Is the way to succeed!
By Niamh “Vonni” Dunstan age 12 1/2


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