Leeds Tidal Fair Ten 2015 Campaign

Leeds Tidal, an organisation that brings together many different campaigns across Leeds to co-ordinate campaigns based around global justice.

Hi everyone,I hope you are all well. Do you remember the Fair Ten Challenge of 2010? It looked something like this:


It was a coalition of groups who put together a list of 10 questions to ask the parliamentary candidates. And we’re doing it again! But we’ve got a new coalition, and we’re going local as well as global.

There are two things we’d really love you to help with:
1. You can vote over the next ten days on Leeds for Change for the questions that make it into the top ten.

The winning questions will be announced at a special party on Monday 2nd March – we’ll send you more details soon.

2. Are you on facebook or twitter? We really need your help to make a big splash this week and encourage lots of people to vote.

You can support this ‘thunderclap‘, which basically amplifies your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr posts/tweets if enough people click to support it. We need to get to 100 supporters, otherwise it doesn’t work!

The deadline for 100 supporters is 5pm on Thursday, so please be quick!

So please take ten seconds to lend us a tweet or a facebook post: www.thunderclap.it/en/projects/22398-vote-on-the-fair-ten-challenge

Thank you very much! I hope you’re having a good week. Thank you in advance for helping to raise the profile of global and social justice issues this election.


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