Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign at Regional Labour Conference

otjc fringe meeting

At this weekend’s Yorkshire and Humber Labour Party conference held at Leeds Becket University, Unite Community hosted a fringe meeting with Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign on the fight for justice for the miners who were victims of vicious, systematic attacks and cover ups from the state and media.

Barbara Jackson, secretary of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign spoke to a packed room at Labour Conference on the events of the Battle of Orgreave 30 years ago and the struggle for justice for miners, including South Yorkshire Police’s cynical self-referral to the IPCC and their subsequent lack of willingness to investigate, dragging their feet for over 2 years with the ‘scoping exercise’, investigating whether they should investigate.

This was followed by a good discussion around the IPCC and how unfit for purpose it is, and discussions on how to take the campaign forward.

Unite Community also had a joint stall with the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign which attracted a lot of interest and Orgreave ‘Coal not Dole’ stickers could be seen all round the conference.

Both Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper have publicly backed the Orgreave Campaign for a public inquiry.

After the fringe, Yvette Cooper was asked by Labour candidate in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, Harry Harpham, whether Labour would call for a full public inquiry. Yvette Cooper reiterated Labour’s support for a public inquiry and called for the IPCC to be abolished, to huge cheers from the conference

.otjc fringe meeting 3  otjc fringe meeting 2


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