Victory at Pizza Express

Thank you! We’ve done it.

Pizza Express has today announced that it is to drop the 8% admin fee it takes from staff tips. It is a victory for our fair tips campaign.

We couldn’t have done it without your support. Today, we have shown that public pressure does make a difference.

The company has said that credit card tips will be distributed among staff in a manner agreed by an independent committee. At present, 70% in every £1 goes to the individual waiter and the rest to cleaners, chefs and other kitchen staff.

While we welcome the decision Unite will continue to monitor how the new policy is implemented to make sure that it is both fair and transparent.

But in the meantime, let’s enjoy the victory.

Have a read of our press statement and have a read of what the Mirror has said:
Thanks from Unite’s Pizza Express members and from me.

Dave Turnbull
Unite regional office

P.S. – But the fight isn’t over – we’ll be in touch soon, because so long as there are restaurants out there skimming staff tips we won’t rest.


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