Can you help with bedroom tax survey?

Hands Off Our Homes has been quiet for a little while, but we’re doing a lot of thinking about how the continuation of the bedroom tax, plus additional benefit cuts announced by the new government, are likely to affect people in Leeds. For some brief info on this, see our website pages here and here.

In order to campaign more effectively against the worsening misery caused by the bedroom tax, plus the additional onslaughts on people needing to claim benefits, we need to build up a more detailed picture of how people are currently being affected. For example, how many households are now in major arrears and facing eviction threats? How are the bedroom tax and other cuts affecting people’s health? And how are people faring as regard Discretionary Housing Payment claims, and pressure from housing providers to downsize?

Please help us by filling in our survey about the effects of the bedroom tax, and getting other people to do the same if you can. Your answers are confidential, and you needn’t tell us any more than you feel comfortable with. If you want a personal response you can give us your contact details, but they won’t be shared with anyone apart from the person who gets in touch with you.

The link for the survey is here – thanks in advance for your help with this.


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