Las Iguanas restaurant Leeds Feels the Heat

The Las Iguanas restaurant on Cloth Hall street, Leeds, has been caught out ripping off staff and customers. The company force staff to hand over money at the end of every shift, whether they can cover it in tips or not. [1] The tips people leave to thank their waiters and waitresses are making a cushy profit for the company.


Staff are apparently being ordered to keep their mouths shut and not talk about this scandal to journalists or on social media.

Already 2314 people in Leeds have signed the petition calling on the Las Iguanas restaurant on Cloth Hall street to scrap their dodgy tipping policy. Please can you add your name to the national petition now?

38 Degrees member Sam started his petition after hearing that the restaurant cream off huge chunks of the tips taken by waiting staff at the end of each night. [1]

The bosses at Las Iguanas are feeling the heat. After 38 Degrees members flooded their Facebook pages with complaints, they pulled them down to avoid the bad publicity. And right now, they’re in crisis talks with staff about their unfair policy.

We’ve got them on the ropes. A big push right now could be the final nail in the coffin of this dodgy practice.

Can you sign the petition now and send a clear message to the bosses at Las Iguanas: treat your staff fairly and stop pinching their tips:

Thanks for being involved

Robin, Nat, David & the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Guardian: Las Iguanas faces backlash over grossly unfair tipping policy:
PS: Over 1000 current and ex-staff members of Las Iguanas have signed the petition so far. So 38 Degrees sent them a survey asking about their experiences at the restaurant. You can read the results here:


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