March against austerity, protect workers’ rights


Dear friends,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

In May, the Conservative Party won just 36% of the popular vote in the General Election and yet they were handed a majority of seats in the House of Commons and formed the first Tory government in two decades.

Since then they have lost no time in launching their vicious ideological attacks. People in employment looking to make ends meet, those without work as well as the sick and disabled all face further hardship.

Tory plans to reduce the vital help that low waged workers get through tax credits, leaving them £1200 a year worse off, have already passed through the House of Commons.

And new restrictions on the rights of trade unionists and proposals to criminalise workers involved in industrial disputes are fast on their way to becoming law in the Trade Union Bill.

On Sunday 4 October the Tory Party will be holding their conference in Manchester. You can be there too – click here to book your place now. 

This is your chance to speak out against the government’s cruel attacks and austerity obsession which is destroying jobs, living standards and vital services – not to mention the economy too.

This government knows that your unions are on your side.  That is why they want to stop us standing up for you and against their cuts.  Into the bargain, they will give bad bosses the green light by undermining the basic rights of working people.

Let’s lead the fight back for a fairer Britain.

Join us in Manchester on Sunday October 4.

  • 12 noon – Assemble Oxford Road
  • 1.00 pm – Rally
  • 1.30 pm – March through the city

You’ll be among friends as thousands of trade union members and supporters tell the Tory Party conference that we say yes to workers’ rights and no to austerity.

Book your seat now on Unite transport to the demonstration for our members and their families here or visit

Please share this with friends and family and on your Twitter and Facebook pages.

I hope to see you in Manchester.

Len McCluskey
Unite General Secretary





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