Unionstogether Fight the Trade Union Bill

Today, unionstogether are giving evidence to a Committee of MPs in the House of Commons, about why we think the Trade Union Bill is such a bad thing for working people. Byron will be telling them why we think the Bill undermines the voice and power of working people, at work and in politics.


There’s plenty more opportunities to oppose this Bill. That’s why we’re heading to Parliament on the 2 November to make sure MPs get the message.

Will you join us?


It’s deeply frustrating that the Tories have a majority in the House of Commons – it makes it hard to win votes. But we know that even some Conservative MPs have concerns about the Bill. David Davis MP has said that parts of the Bill are ‘Franco-style’. We have to keep up the pressure.

That’s why it’s important we get as many people as possible to the rally and lobby in Westminster on 2 November. Can you join us to meet your MP and let them know why you want them to oppose the Trade Union Bill?


Don’t worry if you haven’t done anything like this before: there will be training available first and we will arm you with all the tools you need to ensure you are prepared.

This Bill is such a threat to our movement – to our voice at work and to our voice in politics. Help us make sure every single MP hears us.Unions Together

Thank you


Head of Campaigns and Comms, unionstogether
P.P. We’ll be live-tweeting the Committee today. Follow along at


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