Fire Brigades Union vote to re-affiliate to the Labour Party


Members of the Fire Brigades Union have voted to re-affiliate to the Labour Party, at a special conference in Blackpool.

Matt Wrack FBU general secretary said the party “had changed for the better” in recent months, 44,000 members, agreed the move

The union split from Labour in 2004 in opposition to Tony Blair’s policies. The FBU support the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell’s opposition to austerity and their fair alternatives to austerity.

Mr Wrack said: “We have a Labour Party leader and shadow chancellor who are vehemently opposed to austerity, who are ready to fight for a fair alternative that doesn’t attack the living standards, livelihoods and the hard won rights of working people.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it was “great news”, the vote “marks a milestone in the building of our new politics and our Labour movement”.

“I thank the FBU for this vote of confidence in our new politics which believes investing in our public services is a matter of national pride,” he said.


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