Leeds CND Meeting Tuesday 15th December 7.00pm

The next Leeds CND meeting will be at 7.00pm, Ebor Court, Skinner Street, Leeds 1, LS1 4ND. MAP

Everyone is welcome at these meetings.

Contact Secretary, Ava Stacey: leedscnd@riseup.net

Bombing and Missile Strikes in Syria

How did your MP vote?

Cam for N DCND campaigns non-violently to achieve British nuclear disarmament – for scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons system and preventing its replacement. But we recognise that Britain’s nuclear weapons are only a small part of the problem, so we also work to secure an international Nuclear Weapons Convention which will ban nuclear weapons globally, as chemical and biological weapons have been banned.

We also work to end Britain’s participation in the US Missile Defence system and – with other campaigns internationally – against missile defence and weapons in space.

Our other campaigns include opposition to NATO and its nuclear policies and to nuclear power, and the prevention and cessation of wars in which nuclear weapons may be used and the encouragement of non-military solutions to conflict.

CND is funded entirely by its members and supporters. Our policies are decided upon by our annual national delegates’ conference, where our national leadership is also elected.

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