Sports Directs Shameful Dickensian Practises


Unite’s campaign for decent pay and conditions at Sport Direct, has helped to highlight Sports Direct’s terrible record, which includes:

  • Three quarters of shop staff are on low-paid, zero-hours contracts.
  • Warehouse workers are named and shamed by tannoy for ‘not working hard enough’, and can be punished for taking sick leave or taking too long in the loo.
  • Ambulances have been called to the company’s Shirebrook warehouse 76 times in two years, often to deal with life-threatening illnesses.
  • Staff have to wait up to 45 minutes unpaid to be searched after shifts.

And yesterday a major investigation by the Guardian newspaper has revealed that many warehouse staff take home less than the legal minimum wage.

As the Sports Direct Warehouses have been transformed into Workhouses, owner Mike Ashley’s fortune amounts to £3.5bn. (Mike Ashley is Britain’s 22nd richest man according to the Sunday Times Rich List)

No wonder the company’s working practices have been described as Dickensian. As Christmas approaches let’s spread the message and remind Sports Direct that there is no place for such Scrooge-like behaviour in 21st-Century Britain.

Sign the petition decent work for all Sports Direct workers.

Unite campaigns team


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