Sports Direct pay their staff less than the minimum wage. Don’t let them ‘Weasel Out’ of an investigation

38degrees_logo_emailWhat a difference 48 hours of pressure makes. Sports Direct – who were caught paying their staff less than the minimum wage – now have nowhere to hide. It looks like they’ll be officially investigated by the government. [1]

That’s thanks in part to a huge storm kicked up by 38 Degrees members. Just two days ago, the government department responsible for the minimum wage (HMRC)  were reluctant to crack down on Sports Direct. But yesterday, they bowed to our huge public pressure and responded publicly to 38 Degrees members. [2]

But Sports Direct will want to cover this up as fast as they can. So let’s make sure that HMRC start their investigation immediately – before Sports Direct bosses can wriggle out of it. Government departments like HMRC are sensitive to what MPs think. So if MP after MP demands the investigation starts right now, HMRC will have to clamp down on Sports Direct before Christmas.

No workplace in the UK should be compared to a ‘workhouse’ – this is 2015, not 1815. Together, let’s make sure companies like Sports Direct don’t get away with it.

More pressure is the last thing Sports Direct want – so let’s keep it up. Can you email your MP to demand that the investigation starts now? Sending your message will take less than two minutes and there’s some suggested text to help. Click below to email your MP directly:

Email your MP now

We don’t know exactly what happened behind the scenes at HMRC and Sports Direct yesterday, but here’s what we do know:


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