#heartunions and action against Trade Union Bill

There are two communications below from the TUC in the Yorkshire and Humberside region. The first urges us to get involved on in activities against the the government’s Trade Union Bill on 9th and 11th of February. The second encourages us to participate in #heartunions from 8th-14th February to celebrate the activities of trade unions. The actions against the Trade Union Bill will also be part of #heartunions week.

Campaign against Trade Union Bill

Please make preparations to campaign against the Tories’ Trade Union Reform Bill during TUC’s Week of Action  8th February to 14th February. The TUCJCC meeting yesterday in London fully endorses this campaign and urges Trades Councils to begin planning now  for a) workplace activities e.g. special branch meetings, leafleting of members etc on 9th February and b) street stalls, public meetings, rallies etc on 11th February.

Materials will be available shortly from Regional TUC Office. See message below from Bill Adams Regional TUC Secretary.

Martin Mayer
Yorkshire  and Humberside

#heartunions week

Dear Colleagues

As you probably know, week commencing 8 February 2016 sees the start of #heartunions week, a week of action which celebrates the great work done by union reps and members in our workplaces and in society.  Please find further details by using this link  http://heartunions.org/

In Yorkshire and the Humber TUC area, we are hoping to organise the leafleting of bus/rail stations, and I am writing to ask if you will be able to be part of this campaign by arranging for people to leaflet in your locality some time during this week – preferable on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, if at all possible.

Further information, details of which will be sent out shortly:

Frances O’Grady will be holding a lunchtime meeting on 9 February, which will be available on line for meetings in workplaces,

Events are being co-ordinated in York and Sheffield.

Leaflets will be available from the Y&H TUC office from 25 January 2016, so if you wish to order them please let Chris Beastall know by return, along with the full postal address.

We hope that you will be able to be actively involved in this campaign, and look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Bill Adams
Regional Secretary
Yorkshire & Humberside TUC


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