Civil Resistance International Seminar 18th – 20th April

Civil Resistance International Seminar

By: Rachel Julian
Please register in advance through Eventbrite View Map
Leeds Beckett University is hosting a seminar by the International Centre for Nonviolent Conflict from 18th -20th April 2016

Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett are pleased to invite you to join this 3 day seminar studying nonviolent movements, people power and nonviolent change.
Please Note: You must be available and attend all three days of this international seminar

The seminar will discuss different empirical cases and basic concepts of civil resistance. Thematic areas covered will include, among others:

  • Effectiveness of civil resistance
  • How civil resistance works: strategies and tactics
  • Managing repression
  • Third party actors and civil resistance
  • Civil resistance and democratisation
  • Various historical and contemporary cases of civil resistance

Seminar instructors
This international seminar will be led by expert scholars. They will be the ICNC staff, academic advisors and other collaborators.
Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett have a focus on activism, research and teaching. They offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees, PhD supervision and an ongoing series of workshops between academics and practitioners.
ICNC Materials
An electronic reading list will be distributed prior to the seminar via an ICNC e-class to which registered participants will have indefinite access. Participants will not be required to read any literature prior to the seminar.
How to apply
The space for this seminar is limited. Please register in advance through Eventbrite
This 3 day seminar is organised by Peace Studies at Leeds Beckett for students and staff, but outside participants are encouraged to apply.  Only registered participants can attend and attendance for the full length of the seminar is required
Application submission date: Please apply by March 16th 2016.
Seminar schedule
Seminar sessions will run from 0900-1700 (with short coffee breaks and a lunch break). There will be evening reflection spaces from 6-8pm
Starts: Monday, 18 April 2016 at 09:00 – Ends: Wednesday, 20 April 2016 at 17:00


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