UK Steel Crisis: Sign the Petition for the Recall of Parliament

Today I have called for the recall of Parliament because of the crisis facing the UK steel industry. David Cameron is resisting the recall of MPs, but we need the voice of the public to make him think again. Labour believes that as a country, we must do whatever it takes to save this strategically vital industry which lies at the heart of British manufacturing. Sign our petition for the recall of Parliament.

s O S.jpgIf David Cameron won’t stand up for British industry and the workers who rely on it for their livelihoods – Labour will.
Once again David Cameron’s Tory Party is standing by whilst potentially thousands of people could lose their jobs. It’s broken promise after broken promise, failure after failure and let down after let down. The Tories are on their own side. We are on the side of the British people. Please join me in calling for a recall of Parliament and urgent Government action on steel:
Yours sincerely Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party
(113,283 signatures so far  – Parliament will now have to debate this in the House of Commons)

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