Arms Trade – Labour Party Defence Policy Review – your chance to influence debate: Two days left

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Bombing civilians to protect jobs?


Does arming Saudi Arabia make us safer? Is it okay to help bomb civilians in Yemen if it supports jobs in the UK? Whenever we raise concerns about the use of UK-made weapons we’re confronted with the same myths: that arms sales and military intervention are in the national interest. Question the morality of wasting billions of pounds on Trident – weapons which could murder millions of people – and you are branded a threat to national security. Not only are these policies morally unjustifiable: they’re also based on myths and misinformation – which we need to overturn if we’re to pursue positive alternatives. A Labour Party Defence Policy Review is your chance to influence debate. Whether you’re a Labour member or not you can contribute, and if you’re a party member or in a trade union there is even more you can do. The current approach, of more military spending and intervention and prioritising arms sales over human rights, makes nobody safer. At the same time, root causes of insecurity, such as climate change and inequality, are neglected. Please tell the Labour Party you support policies for a safer world. It’s important we speak out. The labour movement has traditionally supported peace, as well as jobs, but both the Unite and GMB unions are campaigning hard to preserve existing arms industry jobs. To support peace and jobs, they should push the government to provide alternatives for arms industry workers. If you’re a union member, please ask your union to call for positive alternatives. Shifting priorities from arms to renewables could provide many more jobs for skilled engineers, and would tackle one of the greatest threats we face, climate change. You have one month – until the 30th April – to have your say in the Labour Party Defence Review. All of our voices count. Thanks for your action,

caat-logo-headerAnn Feltham Campaign Against Arms Trade Don’t forget, if you’re a Labour Party or trade union member there is even more you can do!


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