Labour amendment to take the NHS out of TTIP


It’s all over the papers. Labour have tabled an amendment to the Queen’s Speech that would take the NHS out of TTIP, the EU-US trade deal. We have until Wednesday to ensure that David Cameron accepts it. Will you take two minutes NOW to add your voice to the thousands calling on him to act?

David Cameron is in a tight bind. If he fights this amendment, he is likely to lose. And that is the last thing he needs right now. The last person to lose one of these was Stanley Baldwin in 1924 and he had to resign as PM. But If Cameron accepts the amendment, he takes the issue of the NHS in TTIP off the table and we can be sure, however we vote in June, that the NHS is safe.

But to do the right thing, David Cameron needs to know that people care about this. So please write to Cameron today and ask him to accept the amendment. He has to make the decision soon, so we don’t have much time.

The Telegraph is reporting that at least 25 Tory MPs support this amendment. They told the newspapers about this. They clearly want to embarrass Cameron, but in doing so they’ve given us a great opening. Together we can make sure David Cameron does the right thing. We’ve pushed this issue to the top of the agenda. Now let’s get it done. Let’s give Cameron the chance to call his party’s bluff and protect the NHS for good.

Write to him today.

Thanks for all you do

Andrew, People’s NHS

In the news today: Tory MPs Set To Back Amendment to Queen’s Speech
This story has been covered extensively in the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Mirror, the Huffington Post and Sky.

David Cameron facing Queen’s Speech defeat over TTIP deal

This campaign is supported by Unite the union


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