Public Meeting: Axe the Housing Act – Secure Homes for All Tuesday 14 June

Tuesday 14th June 7:30–9:00 New Wortley Community Centre
40 Tong Road, Leeds, LS12 1LZ.
Public meeting to discuss what the Housing Act and new benefit cuts mean for local people and their community – and what we can do together to stop the attacks on social housing and tenants. The new Housing and Planning Act is a direct assault on council housing and other social housing, and all the people who live in the sector or are desperately waiting to be housed. It forces councils to sell off stock to pay for subsidies for people who are well-off enough to buy their own homes. Leeds is set to lose up to 1,000 council homes per year for the next few years – at a time when street homelessness has doubled and there are 25,000 households on the waiting list. The Act also introduces means-testing of rents, …and begins to phase out secure tenancies.
We must campaign against this Act and refuse to cooperate with means-testing, sell-offs and evictions. We must demand that Leeds City Council and all other local authorities join forces to stand behind the campaign and refuse to implement the Act.
At the same time, there are new attacks on tenants because of benefit cuts which will make it impossible for many tenants to pay their rent. The lowering of the household benefit cap will place thousands of Leeds children at risk of eviction, and proposed caps on Housing Benefit will put supported and sheltered housing out of reach for many older people and others with support needs, and close hostels and domestic violence refuges.
We need to spread the word and we need lots more people involved in every community, to make sure no-one is evicted and that we come together to demand more not less genuinely affordable, secure and decent social housing for everyone who needs it.

Organised by Hands off Our Homes

HOoH 2.png


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