Support Democratically Elected Leader: Jeremy Corbyn and a United Labour: Sign the petitions

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This is a time for Labour to be united. Sign the petition
Some in the Party wish to use the confusion caused by Brexit to manufacture a leadership contest. This division is the last thing we need. We call for unity and the Labour Party to offer a programme of hope for our people.
If you agree, sign our Labour united petition
Sign the petition
Britain’s vote to leave the EU and David Cameron’s resignation has caused a Tory leadership crisis. At this critical moment in our country’s history, the Tories look like they are extending their period of infighting and backbiting. With a government in crisis, Labour must unite as a source of national stability.
The Party must focus on speaking up for jobs and workers’ rights, counter the scapegoating of migrants and challenge any attempt to use the referendum result to introduce an even more right-wing Tory government by the back door.
There is a huge amount of support for unity across the labour movement. 12 affiliated trade unions have signed a letter for unity and already over 70,000 people have signed a petition of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership on 38 degrees.  Share on Facebook  Share on Twitter 

38 degrees
This is a time for Labour to be united.
In solidarity, Team Momentum
Momentum is funded entirely by membership fees and donations from thousands of supporters across the UK.
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