Defend Jeremy Corbyn Protest 6.00pm Millenium Sqaure

This is a special request urging people to join the Defend Jeremy  Corbyn and fight against anti-austerity policies rally today in Millenium Square, Leeds at 6pm. There is a facebook event which can be found at –

Jeremy Corbyn

Please also see the text of a press release we issued explaining why we are supporting the protest Youth Fight for Jobs to join Leeds protest against #Corbyncoup Over the last few days, shadow cabinet ministers have attempted an underhand coup against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Whilst YFJ doesn’t back any particular party, we believe tens of thousands of young people were inspired by the anti-austerity message Jeremy Corbyn put forward last summer. Hundreds turned out to meetings across the country and became politically engaged for the first time ever.
Youth Fight for Jobs will therefore be mobilising our supporters to the Leeds demonstration which has been called by labour party members locally for 6pm, today, Tuesday 28th June in Millenium Square, Leeds.
Despite less than 24 hours notice, we expect hundreds to attend.
Iain Dalton, Yorkshire YFJ organiser said “Young people in particular have been inspired by Jeremy Corbyn, a Labour party leader who backs many of the policies that Youth Fight for Jobs stands for such as a £10 an hour minimum wage, and end to zero hour contracts, renationalisation of privatised railways and utilities, a mass council house building programme and repeal of the anti-trade union laws, to name just a few.”
“A successful coup inititated by the political inheritors of Blair and Brown, under whose leadership youth unemployment massively increased, which led to the establishment of Youth Fight for Jobs, would be a huge setback to the aspirations of young people.
Youth Fight for Jobs urges young people to join the protest in Leeds as well as others across the country.”
Leeds Youth Fight for Jobs
YFFJ.jpgWho Are Youth Fight for Jobs?
Since 2009 YFJ supported the struggles of young people and workers to turn back the tide of austerity. We launched the fightback that April with a march to the G20 summit in London.  In 2010 it was young people that fired the first shots across the bows of this government of the rich. On 10 November over 50,000 students marched for the right to and education. This led to a tsunami of anger sweeping across the country. Youth Fight for Jobs and Education organised many of the walk outs, protests and occupations in universities, schools and colleges.
In October 2011 we organised a march from Jarrow to London demanding a future for young people. Everywhere we went we held protests and demonstrations against attacks on the rights and living standards of ordinary people. This culminated in a march of over 2,000 people in London on 5 November.
Over the last few years we’ve focussed on challenging the exploitation of workfare and zero-hour contracts, trapping young workers in precarious work.
We’ve worked alongside the BFAWU & Unite Community in campaigning for real jobs and a £10 an hour minimum wage.
In Leeds we also held a 1,000 strong protest in the pouring rain in May 2015 just weeks after the Tories were re-elected to show the opposition to their austerity polices of making young & working class people pay for the economic crisis their capitalist backers caused. We have the support of 7 national trade unions and many local branches across the country.


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