What do we do about Brexit?

left unity 2
Discussion: What do we do about Brexit? 
Hosted by Nick Jonz.  
Wednesday 7pm, Victoria Hotel Leeds

A meeting called by Left Unity Leeds –  we welcome people from all other progressive organisations, campaigns, unions to discuss Brexit, and hope you will support this event. What are our priorities and campaigns?
What can we do together in Leeds over the coming months?
There is no doubt that many people will feel demoralised and fearful after the appalling racist and anti-migrant campaign for Brexit.
Despite campaigning to leave to save the NHS, prevent migration and ‘Get Our Country’ back- Boris Johnson argues for ‘less haste’ with Article 50 – notice to quit the EU.
The pound has fallen to its lowest level since 1985.
If savings are to be made – many fear they will pass them onto the poor.
We want to work with as many people as possible to defend our rights at work, rights to housing, welfare, education.
Hold them to account- they said the money would be spent on the NHS!
Then spend it and stop cutting it!
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