Jeremy Corbyn – Momentum Campaign Update Tuesday 9 August, 7pm Swarthmore

Keep Corbyn
Hi all, after last weeks 3000+ rally in Leeds and Jeremy Corbyn’s successful first debate with Owen Smith, we are gearing up to get him re-elected, as the first step in building an effective Labour opposition  to the Tories.
The key upcoming event is our Campaign Update on 9 August, 7pm at the Swarthmore Education Centre. (MAP) This will be an opportunity to find out what’s planned and how you can get involved. 
Reaching out to hundreds of thousands of Labour members, mobilising support and defending Corbyn’s record and policies, will be central to that. All of us can play a role, you don’t have to be an “activist”, our movement is full of people new to activism and politics, all you need is enthusiasm!
So far we are organised in two ways, by CLP and by teams – phonebanking, social media, trade unions, youth, equalities, events, and more,so there are lots of opportunities to be involved.  Please subscribe to the Leeds Momentum page to be notified of events as they are announced.
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We also have a more relaxed Café Politique organised for 17 August to discuss all things Labour, Corbyn and Momentum.  But if you can’t wait, just join the Leeds Momentum Facebook Discussion Group.
Last of all you can volunteer to be part of a team if you can’t make it on Tuesday, and please email back too  if you want to get active in your local ward or CLP on behalf of Corbyn with Momentum:
Café Politique  6 pm  Opposite Café 26 Blenheim Terrace, LS2 9HD Leeds

Momentum is funded entirely by membership fees and donations from thousands of supporters across the UK.

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Who's Afraid of Jeremy Corbyn

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