Petition Tell the UK Government: Don’t Waste Billions Of £s On Nuclear Power

Greenpeace 3.png

Government plans to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset are shaping up to be a disaster. Hinkley’s already 8 years overdue. And by the time it’s finished it’ll be the most expensive object on earth.

After the Brexit vote, prime minister Theresa May has announced a fresh review of Hinkley — meaning the whole project could be on the rocks.

Let’s seize this moment to pile the pressure on Theresa May and the new Chancellor Philip Hammond. A huge petition could be enough to convince them to abandon Hinkley and back cheaper, cleaner renewable power instead.

Nuclear Power.jpg

Greenpeace 2.png

I just joined 170,411 other people and told the government to invest in renewable energy, not Hinkley nuclear power station

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