Sports Direct Campaign

Sports Direct Workhouse Conditions.jpg

Thank you to those of you who have already written to your MP about the appalling working conditions at Sports Direct. If you haven’t yet, then please do email your MP by clicking the link here.

It has been heartening to see so many of you ready to take action to stand with migrant workers and demand an end to precarious contracts in the UK. When workers can’t risk standing up to bullying bosses for fear of losing future work, we must stand together and defend them.

Mike Ashley's wage.jpg

Already politicians have responded: the Labour Party has said they will stamp out zero hour contracts and ensure workers not only have minimum guaranteed hours, but also reasonable compensation for being available for work.

Workhouse not a Warehouse.jpg

This is just the start. There is a real danger that the during the Brexit negotiations, the call to ‘control our borders’ will be used not only to restrict freedom of movement but also to further weaken migrant workers’ rights. We can’t let this happen. We must ensure our MPs know we want them to stand with migrant workers.
Red Card.jpg
If you have already emailed your MP, please share the action on Facebook or Twitter and ask your friends to take action.

We’ll be in touch soon with more ways you can get involved in your local area.

Together we’re stronger; together we must stand with migrant workers to end precarious contracts.
Thanks again
Owen Espley
Labour Rights Campaigner



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