Labour Leadership: What to do if you have voting Problems

Unite on your side

Unite supports Jeremy Corbyn
Information about Jeremy’s campaign and policies can be found here.
Why Can’t I vote?
A guide for what to do if you haven’t received a ballot for the 2016 Labour leadership election or are having any other problems.
Liz Davies is a barrister and member of the Labour Party.

Ballot paper update

The deadline to register as an Affiliated Supporter of the Labour Party in order to vote in the current leadership election has passed.  If you have registered, the Labour Party will check that you are eligible to vote (see the criteria below) and ballot papers will start to be distributed from Monday 22nd August.

Because so many people will be voting in the election, ballot papers will be sent out in batches. Ballot papers will be sent out by email – so check your inbox regularly.  If you do not use email, a paper ballot will be posted out to you.

If you haven’t received your ballot by Friday 2nd September, please contact the Labour Party by going to or calling 0845 092 2299.

The deadline for ballot papers to be re-issued is noon on  Wednesday 14th September.  The ballot closes at noon on Wednesday 21st September.

  • You must have been a member of the union since 12 January 2016
  • You must pay the political levy – this will be the case unless the member has opted out. It is a portion of member subscriptions to fund political campaigning by the union.
  • You must agree to the statement that they support the aims and values of the Labour Party and are not a supporter of any other political party and agree for their contact details to be shared with the Labour Party.
  • You must be on the electoral register at the address given to the union and the Labour Party.

The Labour party will be conducting the election. Queries about the ballot or members wishing to check if their applications have been accepted by the Labour party should contact the Labour party –

See more at:

Len and Jeremy

In this election, your union has nominated Jeremy Corbyn. Unite nominated Jeremy last year and since then, as leader of the Labour Party and in his campaign for re-election this year, Jeremy has shown that his policies are closest to our union’s values.

In July this year Unite’s Policy Conference, our union’s supreme policy making body made up of rank-and-file representatives, voted by an overwhelming majority to continue our union’s support for Jeremy.

After two election defeats and millions of voters deserting the Party since 1997, Labour is in urgent need of renewal. Jeremy has shown that he is able to offer the fresh vision needed and has transformed the Party into the mass movement it needs to be to win back power. The constant attacks by the right-wing media and others are designed to undermine his leadership because they fear that his alternative policies threaten the establishment’s privileged position. Unite believes that Jeremy should be given the chance to set out his ideas for building a fairer Britain. We hope that every affiliated supporter exercises their right to vote in the election and gives the Labour Party the leadership it needs.

Jeremy -  biggest Party in Europe.png


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