Can you join the phone bank to Support Jeremy Corbyn?

I voted for a new kind of Politics 2
PHONE-BANKING supporting Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow Saturday 27th 2.00 onwards Unite Regional Office, Call lane Leeds

Unite the Union, Regional Office, 55 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BW MAP

Leeds Momentum

A New Kind of Politics.jpg

Gemma Thornton

Phone banking is easy – we call people, ask a few questions (printed out on sheets), and have a discussion with them, it appropriate.

You can stay an hour, or 2, or longer – it’s up to you are welcome to drop in to try it out.

If anyone would like to get involved, either from home, or joining us at one of our city centre sessions 2pm onwards on Saturday 27th August.

Please ‘friend’ Gemma Thornton message her then you can be added you to the FB group to get you started and keep you informed.

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