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Wednesday 14th Sept 1.00 Outside Leeds City Council

At 1pm on the 14th of September activists will be taking a motion to Leeds City Council to change the licensing laws in bars and clubs in central Leeds so that they must clearly display consent education posters and that staff must be consent trained – so that there is a member of staff on site to appropriately deal with sexual assault and harassment complaints aka punishing the person who has assaulted not the person who has been assaulted.

We no longer want shrugging shoulders when we tell bouncers that we have been groped.

This is part of a wider campaign that socialist student members at the Beckett and other feminist activists have been working on to get consent workshops at the Beckett university and to get a women’s peer support group that will help victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

But if we are going to try to lower the number of sexual assault and provide good support for victims then the campaign needs to stem wider into Leeds and so this is the next step.

Please come a long and show your support – show the need for such measures as well as making the point that this, whilst it would be progressive, is just as small step to getting the treatment and support that women and non binary people need.

Hopefully we will have local press present as well.

This is political.   Keep it political.

Lobby Leeds City Council to Support the Consent Motion

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