Doodle poll for Equalities Meeting


Equalities Meeting for all those who would like to discuss the role of “equalities” in our work as a Community section of our union.

That could mean a broad discussion of what “equalities” means in the Community context (as opposed to, say, in a workplace context); what a commitment to equality means for our political and campaigning priorities; and what it should mean for our practice and processes as a branch – our outreach, networking and solidarity with other groups, our composition and accessibility etc. Based on this, we could decide on some practical work, eg setting up events, campaigns or solidarity work, and look at how we can build our capacity to actually do this work.

As a first step, would people please fill in the Doodle to indicate when they are available to attend a meeting. All you do is click on this link

It takes you to the poll and you can fill in the times/dates when you are available. If it turns out that these times are no good for people we can extend it – but please bear in mind that we should move on this urgently, as there is much happening around us which we should be responding to! I will then confirm a venue and send out a message to let everyone know.


Can I also add that, as far as I am concerned, I would be happy for anyone to attend the meeting who is not currently a member of Unite Community, but who may have things to say about what we should be doing or who we should be collaborating with. I think equalities is about being prepared to take a lead from others and asking what we can do in the way of solidarity. So please pass this on to any friends or associates who you think should have the chance to be there.

Thanks everybody,

Ellen (branch Equalities Officer)

A meeting to discuss how to promote equalities within Unite Community, within and beyond the Leeds and Wakefield branch. What does “equalities” mean in the Community context? What political

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