Mass Bike Ride – End Deliveroo Blacklisting and Exploitation

Friday 10th March City Square 6.00 pm – 8.00pm


A mass bike ride, starting and finishing outside Deliveroo’s office in Leeds. We demand the reinstatement of the Leeds 6, the provision of Workers’ Rights and an end to the Gig Economy.
Mass Bike Ride in Leeds:
The Industrial Workers of the World union and Plan C support Leeds Deliveroo couriers
On Friday 10th of March at 6pm we will be holding a mass bike ride meeting in Leeds city square, (opposite the Queens Hotel and Leeds Train Station.)
Members of the Idustrial Workers Of the World, the campaign group Plan C, Deliveroo riders and customers and other supportive members of the public will join together for a two wheeled protest.
We will cycle from the Leeds office of Deliveroo around the city centre, past many of the restaurants and food outlets who use the services of the company and it’s many couriers.
Nationally there has been a surge of interest in Deliveroo and it’s use of ‘self employed couriers’ rather than employees or workers.
The CEO of Deliveroo was called before a Commons Select Comittee and questioned about the company and their exploitation of the gig economy. MPs from all across the political spectrum were concerned at such a large scale use of riders who have no insurance, sick pay, holiday or maternity benefits or the security of a contract.
Here in Leeds riders were concerned about proposed changes to their working conditions and began to meet together to discuss how things could be improved. Management infiltrated a private chat on social media. This led to the sacking or severe restricting of hours of seven workers who were identified as union members, one of whom has since been reinstated with the help of the IWW. Six others are still in need of support. This ride is for them, and for all those affected locally by the so called ‘gig economy’.
We want our couriers to be offered proper worker recognition including secure contracts, safe and fair working conditions along with better communication with the management of Deliveroo. We also want a freeze on recruitment to allow the established riders enough available hours to make a fair living.
We also want companies like Deliveroo to shoulder their fair share of the tax burden like other Leeds business do instead of exploiting the system set up for the genuinely self employed.
The pressure from Deliveroo riders, the IWW, Plan C and the press is already being felt and Deliveroo have recently removed the regional manager for Leeds as well as making these statements:
“In light of the letter you have shared we will be reviewing recent operational activity in Leeds in order to look at any issues that fail to comply with Deliveroo Company policy and ensure that all future practices are in line with official UK processes.”
“In recent days a small number of riders in Leeds reported behaviour which is completely out of line with our companies policies. We have zero tolerance of the behaviours described and have taken strong and immediate action to ensure our clear internal policies are adhered to at all times.”
We would love you to join us – please come to City Square on Friday and make your voice (or cycle bell!) heard.



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