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Child Poverty Action Group
Working for families in the UK

Next week new rules come into force that, broadly speaking, will limit child tax credit and universal credit support to two children in a family. This ‘two-child limit’ will mean already-struggling families will find it even harder to provide the essentials for their kids, like food, clothing and a warm home. We need to challenge this.

“Removing people’s housing benefit basically means that people can’t afford their home, so it puts people at risk of homelessness.

“It also means that they have to use money that’s intended to buy food for their kids and for their other living expenses – this has to be used to plug the hole in their rent.” 
Alison Garnham,  chief executive of the Child Poverty Action Group

Write to your MP now

We know that child poverty is rising, with 4 million children now living in poverty, and this new limit will only make things worse. Nothing does more to damage childhoods than poverty. We need to be investing in children – not risking their life chances.

Take action now

Any family can fall on hard times. We should be providing every child with the opportunities to do well in life, not punishing them and their families for asking for help when they need it.

We are challenging this new rule on several fronts. Your voice will help us raise this issue with MPs, and show what people think of this new rule.

Thank you for your support.
Best wishes,
Child Poverty Action Group
P.S. Please write to your MP now

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