Open Right Group Surveillance
Wednesday, April 26th 6:30 PM Cosmopolitan Hotel, Lower Briggate, LS1 4AE, Leeds

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear?

Did you know that at the end of 2016 you lost your right to online privacy?

In passing the Investigatory Powers Act (aka Snoopers Charter) the UK now has the most extreme surveillance regime of any western democracy.

Our communications can now be monitored and analysed, our location tracked, the apps we use and websites we visit stored for up to 12 months; regardless of suspicion.

Join us for an evening of talks and discussion where we will explore the current state of digital rights, why they matter and the dangers of mass surveillance to our democracy.

Come and learn about our campaigns and how you can get involved – let’s make 2017 the year we stand up for our digital rights!

This event is part of the Leeds Digital Festival, celebrating all forms of digital culture, 22nd – 29th April.

Open Rights Group Leeds or ‘ORG Leeds’ is a Leeds-based group for local supporters. 
Open Rights Group 2


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