Labour Policy Forum



Early Years, Education and Skills
Includes these topics: A Modern Early Years System For A Modern Economy; A School System For The 21st Century; Modernising And Improving Access To Further Education And Adult Skills; and Improving Children’s Social Care And Safeguarding.
Economy, Business and Trade
Includes these topics: Economy; Business; Trade; and Industrial Strategy.
Environment, Energy and Culture
Includes these topics: Continuing To Lead In Tackling Global Climate Change; Developing Post-Brexit Agricultural And Environmental Policies For The Future; and Widening Access To And Delivering Support For Culture And The Arts.
Health and Social Care
Includes these topics: Funding; Social Care; and Public Health.
Housing, Local Government and Transport
Includes these topics: Devolution; Council; Social And Affordable House Building; Reforming The Private Rented Sector; and Improving Transport Services.
Includes these topics: The UK’s Post-Brexit Relationship With The European Union The Transatlantic Relationship; Labour’s Vision For International Development; and Playing to Britain’s Strengths.
Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission Priority Issues
Includes these topics: Immigration; Prisons; Access To Justice; and Victims’ Rights.
Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission
Includes these topics: Tackling Poverty And Inequality; Social Security And Pensions For All; and Equalities – A More Equal And Tolerant Society.
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