The housing crisis: What people-powered housing can do about it


Public Meeting Thursday 27th April 7.30 – 9.30 Hosted by Armley Café Politique Armley Junk-tion 1 Chapel Lane, Leeds LS12 2DJ  LINK

Explorting Britain’s housing crisis wiith Paul Chatterton,
Professor of Urban Futures in the School of Geography at Leeds University and local housing activist.
It’s widely acknowledged that we have a major housing crisis in the UK. The solution is usually focused on building more properties and making rents affordable. But what kind of dwellings? And will they contribute to sustainable living and fulfilled communities? Do we need a radical approach to planning and construction – one that involves people in designing their own lives rather than simply taking what the major builders and planners currently offer?
Paul Chatterton, a founder member of local co-housing projects LILAC and Leeds Community Homes will offer his compelling and challenging vision of the future.
He’ll also talk about how we can get involved in local action and campaigning right here in Armley.


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