Day of Action: No To Austerity & Racism – Tories Out Of Leeds


Saturday 20th May 12:00–15:00 Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6

Theresa May has called for a general election on 8 June—it means we have a chance to get her rotten Tory government out.

We can’t allow the Tories five more years to savage the NHS, destroy education, drive down living standards and whip up racism.

We need to create an anti-Tory atmosphere so that people feel confident to get out and vote for Corbyn’s labour policies.

Every organisation fighting for the NHS, for housing, for education and for improving the lives of ordinary working people are invited to come together and show Theresa May what we think of her disgusting government.

A mass gathering in Briggate of all the organisations fighting the Tories austerity will give people confidence to fight and to get out to vote.

The following will be there:
* Hands Off Our Homes
* West Yorkshire FBU
* Unite Community
* Leeds Stand Up to Racism – with a ‘Kick Racism Out of the Election’ stall


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