Durham Miners’ Gala

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Saturday 8th July

Durham Miners’ Gala website has been established to publicise the activities of the Durham Miners’ Association and in particular to raise material support for the Durham Miners’ Gala which continues to grow year on year.

In the coming weeks and months we aim to build our website so that it truly reflects the rich heritage of the Durham Coalfield, not just as an interest in the past but as a guide to the present and future struggle of working class people.

Durham Miners’ Gala hope you enjoy the experience, visit regularly and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

And please help secure the future of the Big Meeting by joining the Friends of Durham Miners’ Gala today.

Latest News:
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to address the Big Meeting 
Ken Loach to speak at Durham Miners’ Gala

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We are proud to announce that Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party will address this year’s Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday, 8th July. 

Jeremy has spoken at the Gala on numerous occasions over the years as a backbench MP, a Labour leadership candidate and as Labour Leader. This summer we hope he will address the Gala as Labour Prime Minister.

The Durham Miners’ Association are strong supporters of Jeremy’s leadership of the Labour Party and we believe that the general election manifesto is the best in generations. We particularly welcome the manifesto commitments to return transport and utilities to public ownership, introduce a real Living Wage, scrap the inhumane Work Capability Assessment, restore proper funding for our NHS, ban zero-hours contracts, hold inquiries into the events at Orgreave and blacklisting and scrap the Tory Trade Union Act.

Jeremy has described the Big Meeting as “simply the greatest demonstration of working class culture in Britain” and we are very pleased that once again he has accepted our invitation to speak.

Alan Cummings

Secretary, Durham Miners’ Association



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