Not One Day More National #ToriesOUT Demonstration LONDON


Not One Day More National #ToriesOUT Demonstration LONDON
Sat 1 July 2017
07:00 – 22:00 BST
Leeds TUC transport
Leeds TUC
£5.90 – £11.21


The Coach will leave at 7am from West Yorkshire Playhouse, Playhouse Square Leeds, LS2 7UP and return for approx 10.00 pm.

We will arrive in London around 12.00pm and depart 5pm (meet at Tate Britain Millbank ,Westminster, London SW1P 4RG 4.45pm).

The Election result represents a rejection of Tory policies. They no they have no mandate; already the Government has suggested they may have to ease their austerity plans because of huge opposition. We need to make sure the full force of that opposition is felt. If we continue to mobilise in huge numbers we can deepen the crisis for the Conservatives and force big concessions on the NHS, education, housing and jobs. There is already talk of another General Election in the next few months which would likely see the Tories loose further support and be unable to form a Government.

Protests have sprung up across the country and there are many more planned in the next few days, we’re supporting all actions and events against Theresa May’s attempt at forming a Government.

On Saturday 1 July we want to invite everyone – from campaigns and community groups all over the country, from the trade unions, from political parties, and any individual – to come together in one massive show of strength. We’re marching against another 5 years of a Tory Government committed to austerity, cuts and privatisation. And we’re marching for a decent health service, education system, housing, jobs and living standards for all. Join us, bring your friends and spread the word.

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People Power Change – Building a Better World

38 Degrees Event Leeds.png

In a mere 5 days, on Wednesday 21st June, 38 Degrees is coming to Leeds for an event all about building a better world. There’ll be exciting conversations and performances designed to empower each other to make the changes we want to see. It’ll be your chance to discuss the future of politics & community with your neighbours and hear more about what goes on at 38 Degrees.

Wednesday 21st June Doors open 6.30pm, and the event runs 7-9pm Left Bank, Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ

Come along to meet some likeminded supporters from Leeds. The tickets are only £3.50 and include a complimentary drink.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Get a taste of how the “Flatpack Democracy” story is taking local politics by storm
  • Work together to explore what sort of changes do we want?
  • A behind-the-scenes talk on the workings and wins of 38 Degrees and Campaigns by You – where any 38 Degrees member can start their own campaign
  • Uplifting poetry performances from Rose Condo, via Apples & Snakes collective

Will you join us on the 21st of June?

Spaces are limited, so if you’d like to come please book your place now:

Hope to see you next week!
James, Peter, Laura and the 38 Degrees team
PS: If you would like to volunteer at the event please email

People Power Change

They don’t Represent Us – #ToriesOut #NoDUP


They don’t Represent Us – #ToriesOut #NoDUP – Saturday 17th June 2.30 – 3.30 Leeds Art Gallery




Saturday 1st July 12:00–15:00 Broadcasting House W1B 3 London

On Saturday 1 July we want to invite everyone to come together in one massive show of strength. We’re marching against another 5 years of a Tory Government committed to austerity, cuts and privatisation. And we’re marching for a decent #healthservice, #education system, #housing, #jobs and #livingstandards for all.

Join us, bring your friends and spread the word.


Grenfell Towers – Unite Appeal

Dear friends
The full horror of the fire at the Grenfell Tower is yet to unfold but we do know that there has been fatalities, serious injuries and hundreds of people are left destitute and in despair.
Once again our emergency services have been called upon to display the selflessness and heroism we are sadly becoming all too accustomed to.  Unite will be sending its solidarity to our colleague unions to express our very deep thanks for all that they do to in the name of public service.
But we also need your help.  We need you to donate to the fund to support the residents of Grenfell Tower.
Unite has members who live in Grenfell Tower.  We are doing our utmost to locate them, and to offer every support to them and their neighbours.  Our community members are already mobilising collections for essentials such as clothing, food and toiletries.
Clearly there are very many questions to be asked about the cause of last night’s blaze, and when the time is appropriate this union will be redoubling its efforts to put decent, safe social housing back on the political agenda.  There are thousands of such towers around the UK.  We must ensure that they pose no risk to human life.
But for today we need to rally around our fellow members and this devastated community.
Can you or your branch make a donation to help those affected by this horror through these very dark times?
If so, please donate to
London Fire
Account 33201148
Sort code 60 83 01
With very many thanks
Len McCluskey
General Secretary
Unite the union



The Brilliant, Encouraging and Inspiring General Election Result for Jeremy Corbyn  – after everything they said, and the Coup, and the shameful personal attacks, and the diabolical Mainstream Media onslaught, has some of us feeling Re-Energised, Re-Invigorated and Fired Up for General Election Part 2.

I’ve been fair Gleeful – hooting with laughter even!

In case of a September Election Students who Graduate at the end of this term will need to re-register to vote at the address to which they will be moving to, as a matter of some urgency.  Those returning for the new term need to decide how best to anticipate a vote.  Should they arrange to have a vote in their university constituencies – in which case they’ll each need to apply to do so with their upcoming term-time address.  Or if preferred, apply for a postal vote for your home constituency.


Register to Vote